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Our creative designers apply intense thought, precise attention to detail with refined artistic skills to produce beautiful finished products you can be proud of. We create brands and designs to last a lifetime.

Our Design Services


We carefully craft powerful, distinct presences to give you a unique brand that will result in increased recognition of your business.


We work hard to customize your signage to successfully attract the most attention possible .

Page Layout

We combine design, balance and layout with the utmost care to create gorgeous final products.

Graphic Design

Our designs combine artistic skill with the ability to attract your target audience. We offer various graphic design services.

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Our Design Clients

Thank you to all of you who have made Justice Virtual Design a success.

  • Crocus

  • Windwood Homes

  • Gravity Home Theaters

  • Northside Realty

  • Rival Industries

  • Ellis Edwards Stunts & Motorsports

  • Reliance Development Co

  • Foundation to Fly

  • Rising Homes, Inc

  • LPI

  • Michael Robinson Homes

  • National Lung Cancer Partnership

  • Coldwell Banker

  • Riley Salon

  • Treemont, LLC

  • Powersmith, LLC

  • Stonemill Church Atlanta

  • Athens-Oconee Junior Woman’s Council

  • Appraisal Enterprises

  • Silverbay Seafoods

  • Epic Communications

  • Atlas Solutions, Inc

  • Sho-tyme Ent Transportation