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Our Story


Even a well-established star searches the universe for new horizons to scale and additional frontiers to illuminate.

Justice Virtual Design’s star ascended to a position of leadership in the real estate industry as the company produced more than 800 digital architectural renderings, floor plans, site plans and graphic designs for a variety of prominent clients. Among that list are Coldwell Banker, Windwood Homes, Morris and Raper, CCM Homes and Northside Realty. These are some of the building blocks of a formidable resume built during the years since its inception in 1999.

Building on a solid reputation for delivering quality products, owner Erica Justice has expanded the business by adding a web design and development division, spearheaded by veteran web designer Veronica Preston.

She earned her wings in the business with stints at several large firms, including CNN. The venture has enabled Justice Virtual Design to not only continue the work that underpins the company but also service an entirely new customer base.

That kind of versatility has become the hallmark of a company known for its outstanding customer service, professionalism and attention to detail.  Justice Virtual Design is performance-oriented, customer-friendly and efficient in every aspect, particularly when it comes to meeting deadlines. That is evidenced in its extensive database of satisfied customers.


Justice Virtual Design has also designed websites for Hollywood 2nd Unit Directors and Stunt Coordinators from television shows such as Desperate Housewives, Dexter, The Walking Dead and World Wrestling Entertainment among others. Justice Virtual Design has also created graphics and interface design for several feature films, documentaries, television shows and Ipad applications.

Justice Virtual Design is dedicated to elevating clients to new heights. It is that kind of commitment to excellence, coupled with an enduring love for what they do, that has enabled Justice Virtual Design to consistently exceed expectations .

In a perfect universe, stars rise in tandem. 

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A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work

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Our Talents


  • Architectural Drawing
  • Branding
  • Interface Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation/Video
  • Renderings
  • Page Layout
  • Environmental Design