3D Floor Plans Add-Ons

Customize your 3D Floor Plans with any of our Add-Ons to create a distinct look that will attract your buyers. Certain Add-Ons are available in each Floor Plan Style. Provide your add-on details on your order form.


Custom Flooring

Each of our styles include our default flooring materials for hardwood, tile and carpet. With our Custom Flooring Add-On you can upgrade your 3D floor plan by choosing from our custom flooring library.



*Available add-on for the Intermediate, Premium and Ultimate styles

Custom Color Match Add-On

Customize your 3D floor plans with our Color Match Add-On. You choose your wall colors for your plans instead of using our default paint colors. This service includes 1 Main Walls Color Selection and an Optional Accent Walls Color Selection for each level of the home using Sherwin Williams colors.



Step 1: Get Started

It’s easy to get started! Click on the blue Sherwin Williams icon then use the online Color Visualizer to search and select your colors.

Step 2: Select Your Colors

Explore and select your colors using the Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer. Be sure to write down the color name and number for your selected colors.


*Colors are matched as closely as possible but will vary slightly between monitors and media.
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Accessories Packages

An Accessories Package adds the little details to your floor plan that really make it shine. Our packages are pre-selected and include items such as dishes, decorations, books, magazines, tv's, clothes, cars and more. Accessories packages are available in our Ultimate style only. Take a look at our available options below:


*Available add-on for the Ultimate style only

Additional Renders

Each of our floor plan styles comes with 1 aerial render included. You can order as many additional renders as you like. Renders are available in either Aerial View (view from directly above) or First Person View (close up room detail inside the space). Each render is 1920 x 1080.





View from above


First Person

Close up room detail inside the space


*Available add-on for the Intermediate, Premium and Ultimate styles.

Rendering Your Success

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Animation Packages

A floor plan animation is a fantastic way to show off your floor plans to potential buyers. Animations give buyers a digital guided tour of your plans which provides them an opportunity to experience your space in a virtual setting. Take a look at some examples below and notify us on your order form if you are interested in adding an animation to your order.

Still Image Animation

Show off your home and community with this animated slideshow set to background music with your branding.


Experience walking through one of your homes with our animated video walk-through.

Combo: Video and Stills

Can’t decide? Combine both packages. We will create a single animation to display both your still images and videos.

All Animation Packages include:

HD Quality (1280 x 720)
Branding with your logo on title and end slates



Upload to Youtube**
**Extra charges will apply if not using an existing Youtube account


*Available add-on for the Premium and Ultimate styles only.